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Hideout Kids, an Improv Show for the Whole Family

Feb 16, 2024

Hideout Kids is an improv theatre in Austin! 

Each Sunday at 4 pm, Hideout Kids puts on an interactive improv show for the whole family to enjoy. Whether young or old, you’ll be laughing in your seat.

According to the website, “Hideout Kids (Previously the Flying Theater Machine) was named “Best Austin Theatre Group for Kids” by Nickelodeon!”

The show's runtime is approximately an hour. 

Current show: There and Back Again: A Lord of the Rings Inspired Family Improv Show

The show opens on an idyllic village filled with simple folk, doing the things simple folk do.

A challenge is offered, an adventure undertaken, evil is (probably) vanquished. The difference is –  this time YOU are there! You decide what the item of power is. You provide sounds effects. And (if you want) YOU might even become a character in the show.

Travel through land of wizards, adventurers, moving trees, and small people with big feet to save us all in this epic adventure brought to life on the Hideout stage!

For more information & to purchase tickets, click here

Address: 617 Congress Ave., Austin, TX


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