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Coming This Summer: A 5.5 Mile Long Trail from Austin to Manor, TX

Nov 3, 2023

The City of Austin's Capital Delivery Services, in collaboration with the Austin Transportation and Public Works Urban Trails Program, is currently in the process of creating the Austin to Manor Trail.

This trail spans a distance of 5.5 miles, commencing in the vicinity of Daffan Lane and concluding its journey near Ben E. Fisher Park in Manor, Texas.

It is designed to establish a connection with the pre-existing Southern Walnut Creek Trail and adhere to the planned route of the Capital Metro green line.

The commencement of work on Section 2 of the Austin to Manor Trail took place in April 2023, with an anticipated finish date in the summer of 2024.

We’re excited for this new addition to the Manor community come summer 2024!

For more information, visit

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